1. This is merely a consultancy service for Personal Statement Writing where we assist in writing personal statement or review written personal statement or provide a sample written personal statement based on client requirement to refer to while writing on their own.
  2. The Assurance or any guarantee is simply based on any past success rate or simply because of fact that trained professionals will be working on it and assisting clients who book with us and has nothing to do with the outcome or the selection or rejection of the personal statement submitted by a client or student. Personal Statement Folks hold no liability with regard to the outcome of the admission application or an acceptance or rejection of any personal statement or the affect on career or life of those seeking professional assistance from us.
  3. No refund policy apply unless the service has not been delivered and it will have nothing to do with the outcome of anything for which it may have been taken for. It should simply be considered as a consultancy, assistance or tutoring service where the experts would do their best to assist those needing assistance. The consultancy charge needs to be paid full in advance. If any liability every applies will only be limited to the amount paid for service with no further obligations.
  4. Free unlimited corrections, modifications in sample written personal statement will be offered for unlimited number of times in accordance with the fair usage policy which will not exceed a count of 50. If by any chance a refund is made then no unlimited correction policy or any further obligation applied.