How To Write an Effective Personal Statement : A Brief Guide

Are you nervous about your UCAS application and admissions? Do the 4000 characters or those 47 lines give you nightmares? Not sure how to write a personal statement? This blog here should certainly guide you with the most promising personal statement structure and will be prove to be the best personal statement guide for you.

Personal Statement is a crucial document in your UCAS admission procedure which not only defines your chance of getting your desired course in the college of your choice but also determining an offer!

Thousands of other applicants face the same dilemma of having to present themselves to universities as the most suitable candidate while simultaneously competing with all the others who applied for the same course in the college. We, the Personal Statement folks have helped them all get through admissions! With our vast knowledge and experience we know what to write in personal statement that can make it strong and effective.

Here’s a set of Do’s and Don’ts which will help you bag that offer from that college you want! This will certainly serve as a effective tips as to how to write a personal statement.

What are the decisive factors while writing your Personal Statement?

Put everything on paper

Although there is a strict word count for your personal statement, you should always start with writing everything that is relevant for this course or even otherwise at one place.

Later on, you can snip it according to your preference and change the language or words to fit it into 4000 characters or 47 lines. This way, it becomes very easy for you to have everything at one place before you finalise the document.


Take all your time and patience

If you’re wondering that writing your precious personal statement is a day’s work, you must re-consider. Allot ample time for this as you might need it to write, re-write, edit, re-write, edit some more and proofread before you actually have the final document that can be sent to the universities.

This does not mean you cannot get a perfectly well-written personal statement in short time. You can always ask us, the Personal Statement Folks for help and we will deliver excellent quality document on time!


Divide the Statement

To make everything easier, it is highly advisable to divide your personal statement into 3 major parts. Each part of a personal statement structure has its own unique quality and purpose and plays an equally important role for you.

  1. First paragraph

The first paragraph should begin with a fantastic punch line that would hook the admissions tutor into your personal statement right away!

This section sells you, so it must be really precise, articulate and to-the-point about what made you choose the course you’re interested in and how are you going to benefit from it. Using relevant experience and reasons for excitement about this course adds value to this section.

Just like each writer is different, each reader will be different too. The trick, here, is to keep the admissions tutor going through your statement till the end! For that, sell yourself as the most exciting and interesting student that the college would love to have.

  1. Second/Middle Paragraph

This section is where you put your best foot forward and show all your skills and potential!

This section should include what constitutes you as a student – your skills, your abilities, experiences, relevant outside reading, any incident which triggered the liking for this subject in particular, and so on. This section must contain your academic goals and ambitions along with how you believe you can make use of this knowledge in building your career.

Be very sure that your writing is clear and in plain English, with no flowery jargons and flair as it might hinder the reader’s clarity.

  1. Last Paragraph

This section is where the ‘personal’ in personal statement comes into picture.

Here, you speak of what makes you, you. How you are special to be taken into the college and offered a course which you want. Give reasons but don’t be boastful. Arrogance is always frowned upon!

While writing about yourself, keep in mind that the information you provide must fall in line with how well you suit the college and university environment. Talk about your passion, your intended projects, the summer where you went trekking with a group of unknowns and made friends – these are transferable qualities that the admissions tutor is looking for.

Proofread before you submit

It is always advisable to take help from your friends, family or even people where you work part-time to proofread your document before you submit.

You see, it helps in two major ways:

  • They tell you what they think you should add. They know you and could tell you what your strengths are. Don’t miss on it!
  • While reading, they might point out few things which you missed earlier.



Universities use software to determine whether your personal statement is authentic and unique or not. All attempts of copying someone else’s work might turn futile and you might end up losing your chance to get an offer from the college of your choice.

Still facing problem as to how to write a personal statement, let the experts handle your personal statement while you can live your passion or do some more reading!

We, the Personal Statement folks provide the best personal statement writing services in the industry and promise admission assurance. Try now! Hope this blog on how to write a good personal statement has served you as a best personal statement guide for your UCAS application for college admissions in the United Kingdom.

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